Convex Hull

This example shows how to plot a convex hull around a player’s events.

Thanks to Devin Pleuler for adding this to mplsoccer.

from mplsoccer.statsbomb import read_event, EVENT_SLUG
from mplsoccer import Pitch
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# read data
df = read_event(f'{EVENT_SLUG}/7478.json',
                related_event_df=False, shot_freeze_frame_df=False,

Filter passes by Jodie Taylor

df = df[(df.player_name == 'Jodie Taylor') & (df.type_name == 'Pass')].copy()


pitch = Pitch()
fig, ax = pitch.draw(figsize=(8, 6))
hull = pitch.convexhull(df.x, df.y)
poly = pitch.polygon(hull, ax=ax, edgecolor='cornflowerblue', facecolor='cornflowerblue', alpha=0.3)
scatter = pitch.scatter(df.x, df.y, ax=ax, edgecolor='black', facecolor='cornflowerblue')  # if you are not using a Jupyter notebook this is necessary to show the plot
plot convex hull

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