This example shows how to plot photos in your charts.

from urllib.request import urlopen

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from PIL import Image

from mplsoccer import Pitch, add_image'dark_background')

Load an image of Messi

# load the image
image =

Plotting an image over a pitch

To plot images you use Axes.imshow() in matplotlib. We are going to draw a pitch and then overlay ontop an image of Messi on a new axis.

# draw the pitch
pitch = Pitch(line_zorder=2)
fig, ax = pitch.draw(figsize=(16, 9), tight_layout=False)

# add an image
ax_image = add_image(image, fig, left=0.55, bottom=0.2, width=0.2,
                     alpha=0.9, interpolation='hanning')
plot photo

Photo from:; License:; Creator: Кирилл Венедиктов

More control over the images and axis

For more control over where the images are placed, you can create a blank figure with plt.figure() and then use Figure.add_axes() to add seperate axes for each of the plot elements.

# setup a blank figure
figsize = (16, 9)
fig_aspect = figsize[0] / figsize[1]
fig = plt.figure(figsize=figsize)

# setup a Pitch object
pitch = Pitch(pad_bottom=0.5, pad_top=0.5, pad_left=0.5, pad_right=0.5, line_zorder=2)

# we are going to add an axis for the pitch
# the width will be 65% (0.65) of the total figure
# we then calculate the pitch display height and draw the pitch on the new axis
pitch_display_height = PITCH_DISPLAY_WIDTH / pitch.ax_aspect * fig_aspect
ax1 = fig.add_axes((0.05,  # 5% in from the left of the image
                    0.05,  # 5% in from the bottom of the image
                    PITCH_DISPLAY_WIDTH, pitch_display_height))
pitch.draw(ax=ax1, tight_layout=False)

# we are also going to add the Messi image to the top of the figure as a new axis
# but this time the width will be 8% of the figure
ax2 = add_image(image, fig, left=0.054, bottom=0.84, width=0.08, interpolation='hanning')

# and the Messi image to the bottom right of the figure on a new axis
# but this time the width will be 20% of the figure
ax3 = add_image(image, fig, left=0.75, bottom=0.054, width=0.2, interpolation='hanning')

# add a title
title = fig.suptitle("Messi's greatest hits", x=0.42, y=0.9, va='center', ha='center', fontsize=60)
Messi's greatest hits

Photo from:; License:; Creator: Кирилл Венедиктов  # If you are using a Jupyter notebook you do not need this line

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