Different Units Pizza

Here we plot a pizza chart where the parameters have the same units, but the maximum is five instead of 100.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from mplsoccer import PyPizza, FontManager

Load some fonts

We will use mplsoccer’s FontManager to load some fonts from Google Fonts. We borrowed the FontManager from the excellent ridge_map library.

font_normal = FontManager('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/googlefonts/roboto/main/'
font_italic = FontManager('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/googlefonts/roboto/main/'
font_bold = FontManager('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/google/fonts/main/apache/robotoslab/'

Different Units

Till now we were plotting a percentile chart where the upper limit was 100. Let’s take another example where the lower limit is 0 and upper limit is 5. The below code shows how to plot pizza-chart for such case.

# parameter and value list
params = ['Speed', 'Agility', 'Strength', 'Passing', 'Dribbles']
values = [5, 2, 4, 3, 1]

# instantiate PyPizza class
baker = PyPizza(
    params=params,                  # list of parameters
    straight_line_color="#F2F2F2",  # color for straight lines
    straight_line_lw=1,             # linewidth for straight lines
    straight_line_limit=5.0,        # max limit of straight lines
    last_circle_lw=0,               # linewidth of last circle
    other_circle_lw=0,              # linewidth for other circles
    inner_circle_size=0.4,          # size of inner circle

# plot pizza
fig, ax = baker.make_pizza(
    values,                     # list of values
    figsize=(8, 8),             # adjust figsize according to your need
    color_blank_space="same",   # use same color to fill blank space
    blank_alpha=0.4,            # alpha for blank-space colors
    param_location=5.5,         # where the parameters will be added
        facecolor="cornflowerblue", edgecolor="#F2F2F2",
        zorder=2, linewidth=1
    ),                          # values to be used when plotting slices
        color="#000000", fontsize=12,
        fontproperties=font_normal.prop, va="center"
    ),                          # values to be used when adding parameter
        color="#000000", fontsize=12,
        fontproperties=font_normal.prop, zorder=3,
            edgecolor="#000000", facecolor="cornflowerblue",
            boxstyle="round,pad=0.2", lw=1
    )                           # values to be used when adding parameter-values

# add title
    0.515, 0.97, "Player Name - Team Name", size=18,
    ha="center", fontproperties=font_bold.prop, color="#000000"

# add subtitle
    0.515, 0.942,
    "Rank vs Player's Position | Season Name",
    ha="center", fontproperties=font_bold.prop, color="#000000"

plot pizza different units

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